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Royalty free101 Wonderful Santali photo

Royalty free santali photo, you can use this santali caltural, traditional related photo for your santali video banner and many more place.

One woman and a man work on field .

A small tribal boy with a Bow and arrow.

Village women pluck some sall tree  leaf.

Woman make up with some trees leaf, this their traditional style.

Tribal house painting with some colour, look so beautiful house.

Carring her child and walk .

These women are wear their traditional cloth . In there languagu called phuta saree or panchi saree.

This tribal mud house is look so beautifull cause of green a green trees.

Standing mother and daughter.

Awesome Traditional Santali Dance photo for free use

Awesome Traditional Santali Dance photo for free use,
Here we have collect best santali dance photo like Baha Bonga, Mahmone, Dasai,Danta and all type of santali dance which is dance by Santal people ( Tribal & Adivasi).

Some boys are playing Santhali Traditional musical instrument which name are "Tumdah" and "Tamak"

The Tribal women are dancing with traditional clothing.

Girls are with bronch pot on their head.

Green and white colour tribal cloth are wear and do their dance.

Panchi pahand saree and boys are wear panchi dhuti.

Under a tree some adivasi girl and boy enjoying with Traditional music.

In santali language this type of dance is called "Dong Enej" . It's dance at Marriage time.

Dance time photo , in Baha Bonga , Baha bonga means flower worship. This festival is observe in month of Febuary and March.

Marriage time dance photo with yellow and red colour tribal saree.