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Free Stock Photo of Santhal johar belong to Indian tribal Community


Learn Santali language Ol Chiki Script

Santali language translation into Hindi, English and oriya.

Learn Santali language ol chiki script in Hindi , English and oriya language .
In oriya language it is read "ଅ" In hindi  "अ" In English "o"

ଅତ୍ = ତ अत् = (त) Ot = (t)

ଅଗ୍ = ଗ अग् = (ग) Og = (g)

 ଅଂ = ଂ अं = ं Ong = (ng)

ଅଲ୍ = ଲ अल् = (ल) Ol = (L)


ଆକ୍ = କ आक् = (क) Ak = (k)

ଆଜ୍ = ଜ आज = (ज) Aj = (j)

ଆମ୍ = ମ आम् = (म) Am =  (M)

ଅ।ୱ = (ୱ) आब् = (ब) Aw = (W)


indian tribal festival free stock photos belongs to Santali culture

This image is in the time of Santali  or tribal festival, when cleaning the house with cow dung.

Santali jaher where Santali people are worship their god. It is a temple .

Indian tribe santal people are use some traditional drink to worship.

santali photo in santali festival.

This image is belong to tribal festival "Karam puja".

One of the most popular festival of adivasi, which is Karam puja.

Jaher is the temple of adivasi people.

This image is showing us Indian tribal dance.

In festival time tribal are use leaf plates which is made by own.

Use bronze pot to keep some water in worship time And also welcome to any gest.

Santal girl are wear santali traditional saree with some sweet .

Tribal girl and boys are welcome .

This tribal women is going worship with broz water pot.

This type of thing are use when any one is death In santali religions.